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Lawyers Nepal

Lawyers Nepal

Lawyers Nepal

Lawyers Nepal

Lawyers Nepal

Name: Rammaya Lamichhane

Address: Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Contact No:

Mobile No: 9841503615



Law Firm:

Practice Area:

Education & Qualification:

    > Master in Law in the Subject Of Human Rights & Gender Justice From KSL⁄PU
    > Women Study PK⁄TU
    > Political Science Not Submitted Thesis


    > Municipality Administrative2 years,
    > Social Mobilization


     Clinical Legal Education
     Basic Lawying Skills Development Training
     Lawyering Training
     Training On CEDAW Convention and Its Optional Protocol
     Social Mobilizing Training
     Training of Trainers on Constitutional Assembly and Constitution Making Process for Lawyers
     Training of UN Human Rights Council and Its Mechanism
     Integrating gender into poverty monitoring
     (Understanding Conflict 6 Month
    1 Training of conflict
    2. Practical Approaches to Peace building
    3 Strategic Peace building
     Facilitation training
     Right base approach to development training
     POCAP training
     Advocacy training
     Attitude and behaviors training
     Financial and personal policy development training
     NGOs strategy dev; Training
     Women empowerment training
     Gender & Law training
     Gender and Law5day,
     Advocacy Training3day,
     Organization development training7 day
     Advocacy and leadership development training 7day
     Attitude behavior training2day,
     Facilitation TOT6 day,
     Advocacy 0f Gender human rights and women Law 7 day ,
     Social mobilization and 2 day
     leadership development training,
     Violence against women and HIV/AIDS2 day,
     TOT of Constitution Assembly2day,
     Attitude behavior training5,
     Strategy planning5,
     Social inclusion15,
     Community development and social mobilization training3
     Official management training2 day,
     Social Mobilization and Social Inclusion training5
     Advocacy training 15 day for 5 times,
     Strategy plan3 day,
     Right of Restaurant workerMAny time,
     Training of gender and law special focus on rights of restaurant worker many many time
     Paper presented to secretarial level workshop on Restaurant order of SC at MWCSW hall1,
     VAW rights, ant trafficking law and women human rights6 days,
     Gender women human rights legal rights training,
     Gender women human rights legal rights training2\2 days
     , Anti Trafficking law and regulation2\2 days.
     Women & Law training3day. Gender Budge& Auditing3day.
     Women's Human rights5 day, GRB & GRBA,
     Gender & Law & GRB3day.
     Gender & Law, & GRB3 day.
     Planning & Monitoring1day.
     Women's Human Rights & Strategy Plan3day.
     Violence against Women 2day. Women Law& It's Advocacy3day.
     Abuse of Drug Many time in School & College.
     Attitude Behavior & Capacity Building2 day.
     Human Rights of Sukumbasi3day.
     Leadership & Capacity Buildinf2day.
     Poverty & Gender3day.
     Inclusive law & Gender1day.
     Women & Law1day. Women Gender & law1day ,
     Anti 2day Trafficking Act policy and Action Plan
     Gender & Inclusion Loksewa aayao Preparation

Career History:


    Published Article -
    1- Article on Gender discrimination weekly paper Chalphal
    2 Transactional justices –weekly paper Chalphal
    3 Detainees Rights –weekly paper Chalphal 3 time
    4 Question of the restructure to the civil society– weekly paper Chalphal
    5 Role of the government in human rights –weekly paper Chalphal
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    7 ;+/If0fjflb ;f]rleq lje]b .ldlt @)^$.)%.)# df uf]/vfkq
    8 ;]jfsf gfddf d]jf . @)^$.!).!@ df k|sflzt uf]/vfkq .
    9 ;fdflhs Gofo / dlxnf' lx+;f
    10 ljZj dlxnf cfGbf]ng / g]kfn @)^% ;fn k'; @ ut]

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    8. ljleGg ;+:yf tyf ;~hfnx?df sfo{kq k|:tf]tf Pj+ l6Kk0fLsf/
    9. INVOLVED ON RESEARCM: National Level:
     Civil Code Commentary.
    11. Book Writing & Published - WOMEN VIOLENCE & GENDER JUSTICE -
    Nepalese Context . 2067.11.23
    I am Lawyer as Lekhandas since 2052 to 053.
    As Pleader since 2053 to 2057.
    As Advocate since 2057 to now.

    First & last tool for Women Empowerment should be Women's Independency
    Women independency, for women Empowerment through